Wiley Property Management is the Property Management entity of The Wiley Companies, a full-service commercial real estate services firm dedicated to serving the needs of commercial real estate clients in the Greater Prince William and Fauquier County markets.

Initially organized to address the needs of an existing client in 1994 (the Resolution Trust Company (RTC)), Wiley Property Management is known for providing:

  • a high level of personal attention from firm principals,
  • vast local experience, expertise, resources and presence, and
  • individualized services uniquely tailored to each Owner and Tenant.

Throughout the marketplace, Wiley Property Management and its related companies are praised for quality of service, local expertise, professionalism and integrity.

Wiley Property Management focuses on developing long-term business relationships in order to more fully understand and deliver a service designed to meet each client’s unique objectives.  Once client objectives are analyzed against the current performance of the asset(s), the implementation of property management strategies to enhance asset marketability, value and yield is implemented.

Wiley Property Management consistently uses its vast commercial real estate expertise to create value for each client and property owner.

Wiley Property Management is conveniently located on Lee Highway in Gainesville, Virginia and Wiley Property Management staff are all local residents.  This geographically centralized location in allows for quick access to properties throughout Prince William and Fauquier Counties.