TWC Development Company provides a single source of owner representation and point of responsibility during a real estate project’s development to Clients. As a Client’s agent or Owner’s Representative, TWC Development Company provides comprehensive, turn-key development management services tailored to each Client or Owner’s needs.

From initial feasibility analysis and due diligence through site planning, governmental approvals, building design, marketing, construction, and occupancy, Clients are free to pick and chose from a menu of real estate development management services. Once client objectives are determined, the implementation of development management strategies to cost-effectively create maximum asset value and achieve ultimate occupancy is implemented.

Known for providing a high level of personal attention from firm principals and vast local experience and presence, TWC Development Company will tailor its development services package to each Client and Owner. These services include the coordination of consultants and contractors for and the overall management of:

  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Analysis prior to/during acquisition;
  • Master planning and site planning;
  • Property entitlement/governmental approval processes (zoning, special use permits, site plan, etc.);
  • Design effort for base building and tenant construction to ensure cost-effective, user friendly, marketable end product.
  • Construction of site, base building/rehabilitation and tenant improvements, through occupancy.

By providing flexibility and willingness to tailor services, each Client’s development objective is reached cost-effectively.